In the game of Monopoly, the players’ goal is to become financially sound by buying, redeveloping, and selling pieces of property. Detroit-based real estate investors, Eric Friday and Jamiel Strickland, are playing Monopoly in real life, with real pieces.

Through the Monopoly Brothers brand, which started in 2022, Friday and Strickland envision building generational wealth. And instead of bankrupting other property investors, they teach others how to build wealth.

With a goal of creating a community chest that can grow through real estate investing, the Monopoly Bros. host real estate events, conferences, property tours, and podcast interviews to educate and assist other investors. Their mission is to always provide more value than they capture.

In 2021, Friday and Strickland purchased their own version of Boardwalk, a 52-unit apartment in Michigan for $5.6 million.

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Eric Friday


Eric Friday purchased his first rental property in 2015 from the county tax auction: a 2-bedroom home he rehabbed himself. In 2017, Friday began consistently marketing for wholesale deals and ended up closing six deals that year. He then transitioned to buying and flipping in 2018, followed by purchasing single-family homes and duplexes as rental properties. Still in the business of wholesaling, buying, flipping, and purchasing single-family rentals, Friday’s vision is to purchase more apartment buildings.

Jamiel Strickland


Jamiel Strickland’s journey as a real estate investor began in 2016 when he bought a single-family rental for $10,000. That same year, he house-hacked a duplex which allowed him to live almost rent-free. Strickland’s first house flip, he partnered with two out-of-state investors who funded the entire project, in which he returned them over 30 percent in revenue. From there, he started RINO Home Solutions, a real estate company that buys, sells, manages, and rehabs houses throughout Detroit.


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